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RGR126N Remote Rain Gauge with Outdoor Temperature

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Perfect for both Gardeners and budding Meteorologists, this wireless rain gauge will allow you to monitor the rainfall from the comfort or your home.

Measuring both daily and cumulative rainfall, this automated self tipping rain gauge collects and then eliminates rainfall wirelessly communicating the data back to the main console. 

The expanded features include up to a 9-day memory plus outdoor temperature measurement through a second outdoor sensor.

By monitoring both rainfall and outdoor temperate you can help you find out if your garden needs additional watering, helping you both save water and best look after your plants.

  • Automatic self-emptying PCR800 rain gauge
  • THN802 Outdoor Temperature Sensor
  • Measures and then eliminates collected rainfall
  • Wireless transmission range up to 100m for rain gauge and wireless outdoor thermometer
  • Displays daily, 9 day historical, and total rainfall records
  • Rainfall amounts are shown as inches or millimetres
  • Customisable daily rainfall alarm
  • Clock and Calendar 
  • Displays outdoor temperature